Instagram is a great tool for business promotion but doesn’t allow more than one link on your Bio. When you are trying to get USA Instagram followers than this may not work good.

  • How do you add links to your Bio for when you buy USA Instagram follower

Simply go to your profile, click on edit profile, write on your Bio and add your website URL. This is important so people can find your website.

Do you still want more links on your bio for the USA followers? Get to know tools on how to add more than one link on your Bio.

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You may be a blogger, run live shows, be an artist, own a YouTube channel and many more, you’ll need this few tools on how to add more than one link on your Bio.

This tool is very helpful as it allows you to add close to 5 links at once on a single Instagram page. Visit linktr.ee, you’ll need to sign up first, after that, connect to your Instagram account, select your plan and add as many links as you want, a limit of 5 links. Link tree comes with special features; you get to customize your link tree. Also heard of link tree Pro? You can control your links through this application. This tool helps your audience keep track of your contents. It places your followers anywhere you want them to be.

This tool is unique; it makes use of your Instagram channel. Instead of adding links and images, they simply pull up content from your channel. “Link in” profile allows a free trial of about 3 months after which a certain amount of $9 will be paid per month. When audience clicks on your link they are directed to your contents. After doing this, take up custom URL from the link and add to your Instagram account. It allows you drive traffic to whatever ever page you want to link to, your website, your blog, your selling platforms etc.

This is another tool, before using this tool you’ll have to customize your landing page for Instagram.

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How to use a lead page?

Launch your lead page, open your page, create and name your template to your taste, create your landing page and add lead pages link to your Instagram account. You can use lead pages to buy USA followers quickly.

When your audiences click on the lead page link, they are redirected to your links. If you need to edit, simply log into your lead page, make your changes and publish them again. The amount of $17 is the charge per month; you get free trials as a beginner.

There are various tools on how to add more links to your Bio. Have fun linking more of your website link to your Instagram account.…